I am Obaid Shah, an accomplished management consultant with a wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years in market research, consulting, and training. I have also had the privilege of making significant contributions as an editor for various trade journals. My academic journey includes achieving an MS in International Economics from the University of Glasgow, MA in Economics, AAT and ACCA (progressing). Additionally, I have pursued additional professional courses, including studying at the University of Oxford.

Alongside my professional expertise, I take pride in being the author of several books,  including A Modern Approach to Applied Market Research and Exemplary Islamic Stories.

I also enjoy crafting short stories and poetry, which have been published in magazines and anthologies. My strong research skills have greatly enriched my creative writing endeavours, allowing me to create intricately detailed worlds and delve deeply into my own writing practice.

My passion for literature covers a wide range of genres, including historical fiction, contemporary literary realism, and speculative fiction. Currently, I’m immersed in the creation of a novel that revolves around the journey of an Afghan refugee to the UK. This novel explores thought-provoking themes such as illegal immigration, racism, and the war on terrorism.

Beyond my writing endeavours, I’m actively involved in a community project with St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’m in the process of crafting an article focused on one of the East India Company Monuments. This project highlights my versatility and commitment to contributing to our collective knowledge and heritage.

I am proficient in several languages, including English, Pashto, Urdu, and Hindi. I also have a basic understanding of Arabic and Persian. These language skills, combined with my Asian heritage, have nurtured a deep interest in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, and Pakistan. Most of my protagonists and story plots reflect the flavour of these regions.