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Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor

The East India Company at St Paul's: For this project, I worked with St Paul and Stepney Community Trust to explore the history of the British Empire in South Asia.

Fiction and Poetry

The Shrine

The Local Voices Project: An Anthology By Hackney, Haringey & Our Neighbours

Farewell: a short story

Showtime 2023: The Collected Works of Newham Writers

The Forgotten Tree: a poem

Showtime 2023: The Collected Works of Newham Writers


The Statesman Newspaper

Hatred and Enmity on Wagah Border (29th May 2014)

Dawn Newspaper

Wagah Ceremony and Peace Talks (5th June 2014)

Commodity Inside

One Belt, One Road — the main beneficiary (8th June 2017)

Commodity Inside

Power theft and lack of proper energy policies are primarily responsible for power outages in South Asia (6th June 2018)

Middle East Monitor

Palestine’s quest: Unrecognised realities (21st August 2023)


PR Newswire

The Global Light Vehicle Market Outlook (7th December 2016)

Globe Newswire

The Global Aluminium Market Outlook to 2027 (14th November 2017)

Commodity Inside

China closes excess capacity, but diminishing demand will undermine the efforts (24th May 2018)

H2 Bulletin

Can Saudi’s Neom be a blueprint of a hydrogen-run city? (11th Januray 2021)

H2 Bulletin

Africa Hydrogen Economy (19th February 2021)

Journalistic Endeavors

The Statesman Newspaper

Musharraf's Islam not Acceptable (20th December 2003)

The Statesman Newspaper

JUI (F) Leader Accused of Creating Rifts in MMA (9th December 2023)